Sunday, September 7, 2008

insects abound/around town

The inaugural insect trip of the fall insect course went well. Dragonflies were the welcoming committee, hundreds flying all over acres and acres of Montrose Beach Park and the bird sanctuary as well. What was with this swarming? Theories are out there and there as numerous as dragonflies themselves (and of course obligatory YouTube footage is as well) but the jury may still be out.

They were still hard to catch, but the sheer number made it more possible than usual - like the endless herds of bison out on the western range back in the late 1800's, getting one was simply a matter of time to bag one.

The weird caterpillars were out in force too - very well dressed (much like many of students, I might add). I think stripes are in, regardless if you are a vertebrate or invertebrate.

It should also be noted that the milkweed bugs were out in full force (you would have loved them, Yui), enjoying a Sunday with there comrades. The monarch butterflies were in lower numbers, but perhaps it was just the way the wind was blowing this Sunday?