Friday, October 24, 2008

lost n found

I retrieved two video pieces from a dusty folder on my hard drive today. Enjoy the pixelated party of digi-fish schools or five observations wrapped together into a simultaneous view.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

galling critters

I picked a leaves off a tree in front of the art institute and had students pick open the nodules on the leaf surface. A tiny surprise package of baby bug (Order: Hemiptera) living inside. It was a shame to disturb this one for the sake of "science," but it was extraordinary.

details on cloudness

I think only the flatness of the midwest allows for this particular sort of sky freakout/atmosphere singalong.

As for clouds, this piece by Aspen Mays recently blew my mind. Just the idea a balloon could bring you to that edge of outer space & air....

The passenger jet is a mere mote racing to the the vertex. who knew the edge of space as so clean!

Friday, October 17, 2008

in the sky, out of the sky

Last night the air was funny. Moonlight and sodium-lamp light pollution mixed like some poorly considered cocktail and yet produced quite a sight in the sky - this sort of orange, billowly, clear, immanent-ness. I felt like I was certainly underwater. I made me think of this book I read as a kid that I've never found anyone else has read or even heard of called "Under Plum Lake." This felt like that.

Maybe this kind of light is too much for delicate things. Or maybe it is just the season and the actuary tables that dictate the lives of small creatures: downtown at the corner of State and Monroe was this little wren lying on the ground, still very soft.

Kobayashi Issa:

That wren--

looking here, looking there.

You lose something?

Dale M. Kushner:
.....Her small body is dense with a radiance
she doesn't have to earn.
All that's required
is to live the ancestral life
over again
without any urge to change it.