Saturday, January 17, 2009

modern art/modern fashion

Old abandoned factories in the northeast = great showcases for art. Who would have thought? My museum-going collaborator CMD always manages to dress appropriately somehow - I guess she has a contemporary sensibility at heart?

Or at least one that jives with Sol LeWitt at Mass MoCA (left) or indeed those minimalists at DIA Beacon (below). I didn't know blue, orange, and black created a nice color groove together as an ensemble as much as on a canvas. What kind of stuff are we channeling, I wonder. The collective unconsciousness? the derivative nature of fashion? the fact that museums are an infinitesimal sampling-slice of what everyone else is doing some other way?

Makes we want to get my kaleidoscope glasses out, just to bump it all up a notch.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Former classmate update #3456

People love Facebook for catching you up on folks from your long past days - kindergarten to boot camp. But the internet also does a fine job for some of your more high-profile connections, no matter how tenuous they may be.

Jay and I were always the two fastest sprinters up through 4th grade. In high school he was bigger, but not nearly this big. I guess this nice guy did actually end up finishing first.